Angel and the Brains was formed in 1964 by teenage musician Angelo Ferrari and two other young men from the
Appio-Tuscolano district in Rome.

Their success in creating their new sound and, following their participation in the first Messa Dei Giovani, they have been credited as one of the leading proponents of Italian Beat music, today, often referred to as Garage Beat.

Why I wrote Angel with Drumsticks

The writing of the book was important to me in many ways. Having met my husband, Angelo, when I was in my 40s we had not grown up together and his experience in the 1960s was something he talked little about. Gradually the story came out over the years I convinced him that the story should be written and the truth told. As we talked over his sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet memories spanning six years I came to understand him so much more. I am proud that finally his
story has been told.

Pamela King

E-mail: info@angelandthebrains.info