About the band

Angel and the Brains were formed in 1964 by Angelo Ferrari when at 16 years old, and after two years as a successful solo performer, he decided that the music of day and the style of backing musicians was
boring and lacking beat.

Gathering other like-minded young musicians together Angel and the Brains was formed. For many months they practised in a basement perfecting their new beat sound.

The original band members were Angelo Ferrari (vocals), Ruggero Coletta (guitar), Alberto Del Duca (keyboard) and Maurizio Vitti (guitar). All the boys originated from Appio-Tuscolano, Rome, and all felt the same about traditional Italian music—that it was uninspiring for young people.

Their repertoire included the most popular Italian songs of the time and some songs by the Shadows and
The Beatles to give a wide variety. Finally they had bookings to perform in small towns and even though the audiences were small their new sound was well received.

After moving their practice sessions to a room in Santa Maria Ausiliatrice they were invited by Father Sinaldi and Marcello Giombini to be of the three bands to perform in the first rock mass in a church, La Messa Dei Giovani on 27th April 1966.Following the “La Messa”, Angelo took over on drums as well as being lead singer. Many drummers tried to emulate his drumming style, which he simply describes as “filling in the gaps”.

Their new Italian Beat sound featured in ‘La Messa’ was an instant success with the young people in Italy. It propelled them to popularity and for several months they were in demand to perform all over the country.

The rest of the story is very different and has been distorted over the years. Their full, true story can be
read in the new biography “Angel with Drumsticks”.